Buzzing Chandigarh jan,24: (Amit) The bliss of travelling and exploring new destinations allows one to experience thrilling adventures, while rediscovering themselves. With a DNA built out of pure adventure, the Discovery Sport will fuel your curiosity and urge you to embark on a thrilling journey, with the promise of true adventure across all destinations. Extending our compassionate ode towards adventure and travel, this National Tourism Day, we have curated five unexplored locations in India that deserve to be on the radar for your next road trip. What makes these destinations truly unique is the journey to the destination itself. From steep roads filled with rock and gravel to extreme weather conditions, an expedition to these destinations may seem tough but the reward of thrill and adrenaline rush through astounding views of breathtaking landscapes will make it all worthwhile. 

An unpolished gem waiting to be explored, Churu

Enroute Bikaner, 280km from Delhi,the tiny town of Churu is not your regular tourist hub. A date with the town’s history tells us that Churu was once a hub for prosperous Marwari merchants. The architectural splendors and exquisite murals will surely plummet you down a brilliant memory lane of the town’s rich heritage. Churu is full of age-old havelis, built by the Kothari and Surana merchants. Built in Shekhawati and Italian architecture style, MaljiKaKamra is a must-visit location while the Double Haveli of Surana brothers is a true architectural masterpiece.

Relive the glory days of your childhood riding through the Agumbe Rainforest, The Western Ghats

Gear up to relive your childhood memories and reminisce the old times as you drive down to the Agumbe forest with your family and friends. The lush reserve of forests like Kundapur, Sringeri, Hosanagara and Thirthahalli, together known as Agumbe Rainforest Complex, are sure to furnish you with bountiful peace and calm.While you’re at it, make sure you visit Swami’s home as it is bound to bring back the wondrous memories of Malgudi Days. Besides basking in this nostalgic serenity, you can visit India’s only Rainforest research station and explore this less fabled destination.




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