Theatre professional Nisha Luthra who is enacting the role of Norah Richards.” 


Chandigarh, April 30, : A biopic theatre presentation in English, on the Irish lady Norah Richards who is   known as the great grandmother of Punjabi Drama and Theatre – ‘Thy Work is Done, is all set to be staged at Tagore Theatre on May 3. ‘Thy Work Is Done’ is a part of the epitaph on the grave of Norah Richards (1876 – 3 March 1971).The play will be in English, thereby making the same the first such initiative. Earlier all plays on Norah were staged in Punjabi. It is noteworthy that Norah Richards was also later called the Lady Gregory of Punjab. Norah lived in India for over 60 Years (1911 – 1971) and is resting in peace at Andretta in Himachal Pradesh.The play is being organised under the aegis of ‘The Narrators’, a young theatre organisation with a vision of staging par excellence ‘English Theatre and Drama’ in Chandigarh. Norah’s prodigious role will be enacted by Nisha Luthra , a lawyer by education and an artist by passion. Nisha and Sahib Singh , who is playing the role of I C Nanda, who is also known as father of Punjabi drama, interacted with a select media group, to share details of the upcoming prestigious production.

Nisha Luthra who has founded ‘The Narrators’ said, “The play starts with an Irish Researcher who comes to interview Norah. Here he stumbles on an unusual friendship of a local Indian tourist visiting Andretta who also is, later, fascinated by Norah’s life.  The play is weaved in narration by the two characters through a fusion of Indian-Irish humour & sensibility while carefully carrying the audience through important years of Norah’s life and achievements.”“The Play runs through various periods and showcases Norah’s firm belief in the importance of theatre in the local languages. She also wrote a number of plays and other books that sent out several social messages on reforms that were imperative for the society to transform itself.” Said Sahib Singh.Norah’s contributions deservedly earned for her an Honorary Doctorate by the Punjabi University, Patiala

“I strongly believe that a specialised English drama and theatre organisation is the need of the hour in the Tricity. We have ambitious plans to translate our great Indian plays in English and take them internationally for the local nationals of those countries as they don’t get a chance to see them if  not staged in English. I wish to take this English play a long way. We plan to have the next stop as Delhi and then we would like to showcase it in Mumbai in this year, at an extremely prestigious theatre.” Nisha further said.


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