Special Gifting ideas for Single dads by Advanced Hair Studio

Buzzing Chandigarh June 14:(sonam) Chandigarh: Parenting comes with its own challenges but nothing is more beautiful than the bond that a child shares with his parents or vice-versa. Fathers hold a special place in our hearts and do everything possible to ensure the happiness of their child without complaining. However, being a single father is a completely different experience altogether. They play the role of both the parents single handedly putting their best foot forward to ensure the finest and comfortable lives for their children. Being a single parent is obviously not a very easy task, however, if the child acknowledges the efforts and loves you back then the battle is half won and it gives the strength to overcome any obstacle that comes on the way. 
Consulting session at Advanced Hair Studio
It is never too late to take care of oneself and who better than you to gift it to your father and make sure that he deserves the best. Hair is an important part of one’s look and personality and taking care of hair health is as essential as having a healthy body. Therefore, this father’s day, book a consultation at Advanced Hair Studio for only Rs.500 at Advanced Hair Studio. The session includes a consultation to address hair-loss challenges with complete grooming session by studio experts.
Fitness watch 
Motivate him to be extra cautious for his health and at the same time gift him a smart wearable that also adds cool quotient to his persona. This mini fitness tracker will enable him to monitor his health and daily activity on real-time even when on the go.
Wireless trimmer 
We all want him to have an attractive appearance and sport a neat look. Therefore, to cut on the time spend on shaving and trimming and making grooming easier for him; surprise him with a trimmer, preferably a wireless one with multiple combs.
Subscription to healthy juices 
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle calls for a bunch of good habits that include not only proper sleep and physical activity but a proper diet with a combination of healthy nutrients. Gifting a yearly or half-yearly subscription of cold-pressed or natural juices will help in boosting the digestion and body?s capability to absorb nutrients. 
Travel-friendly products pack
If your father travels a lot for work or loves to travel, boost his travelling spirit as well as make the mundane process of packing less time consuming by purchasing or curating a compact kit of products. Make sure that the products suit his skin and hair type and will safeguard his skin and scalp due to change in weather or surroundings.


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