Save your eyes from Diabetes: Dr. Ruchi Mittal 


Buzzing Chandigarh Nov,17;(Amit) Ambala November 14 is celebrated as World Diabetes Day all over the world. On this occasion, a seminar was organized in the Model Town with world class Eye Hospital LJ eye Institute to give information about diabetes and its side effects. At present, the main position was Dr. Udit Narang (Professor, Institute of Medical Therapeutics and Research) and  Dr. Urvish Glaucoma specialist were present at the occasion.Dr. Ruchi Mittal, Retina Specialist told how diabetes can harm our eyes. It is necessary to have regular eye examinations to treat the effects of high sugar level on our eyes and diseases like diabetic retinopathy at the right time.  People suffering from diabetes can lead a healthy life by adopting controlled diet,regulare xcersie and lifestyle changes, Dr. Ruchi shared.The seminar concludes after free blood sugar and fundus camera examination of the eyes of diabetic patients present at LJ Eye Institutte


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