Rocky’s father arrested in Sony SAB’s Band Baja Bandh Darwaza


Buzzing Chandigarh March,17:(Poonam) Sony SAB’s weekend delight, Band Baja Bandh Darwaza, has kept its audience hooked on to their television screens with its humourously spooky storyline. With Sanjeev Sharma’s (Mukesh Tiwari) continuous attempts of scaring away every girl coming to marry Rocky (Amitosh Nagpal), Sneha (Ashita Zaveri) brings another prospective girl.

Sneha comes up with a new idea and suggests Rocky to try online dating in order to hook up with a girl. Impressed with this idea, Rocky finds a suitable girl and advances talks with her. However, as the two meet each other, three ghost figures abduct her, leaving Rocky shocked on witnessing the event. Tension arises when police arrests Chandan Khurana accusing him of kidnapping the girl. Putting in all the efforts to get his father out, Rocky realizes the shocking truth about the entire situation.

What has Rocky come to know and will that help him save his father?

Amitosh Nagpal, playing the role of Rocky said, “Rocky was once again in a hope of getting married through this different way of online dating. However, this has led him and his father into another problem. It is now on him to get his father out of the jail as he reveals the entire truth in front of everyone. With all this happening, the viewers are assured of loads of laughter coming their way.”

 Rajendra Sethi, playing the role of Chandan Khurana said, “Chandan Khurana has been arrested for kidnapping a girl, which he has no clue about. He only relies on his son Rocky, now, to get him out of the situation. It will be fun for the audience to find out what happens while Rocky tries to find the truth.”


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