Nitin Kumar becomes emotional on the sets of Superstar Singer


Buzzing Chandigarh June 28; (Sandeep)Sony Entertainment Television’s kids singing reality show, Superstar Singer is all set to hit the television screens starting 29th June. With building popularity and exploring immense talent of young children, once contestant really got Captain of the show Nitin Kumar emotional. Harshit Nath from Assam who was present on stage, shared a very emotional story on how financial conditions won’t stop him from achieving his dreams. Hearing his journey, Nitin was seen teary eyed as he could connect with Harshit.

Harshit Nath is one of the contestants that caught the judges and the captains attention. The financial situation he faced did not comprehend his singing skills which made the judges and captains respect him even more. Nitin Kumar noticed that Harshit did not wear proper shoes which reminded him of his days of struggle. Nitin Kumar himself came from a background where they had to work exceptionally hard to ensure they are sufficient with daily necessities. He broke down on the sets when he realised that Harshit was going through a similar situation. Nitin immediately took over all the travel expenses of a kid and decided to bring out such talent to audience  and superstar singer platform. The judges of the show Alka Yagnik, Himesh Reshammiya and Javed Ali over whelmed with the kind of gesture made by Captain Nitin Kumar.

Nitin Kumar said, ”Contestant Harshit Nath has immense singing skills and with his situation, I find myself instantly connecting with him as I also faced dark days in my life. It was an emotional moment for me. When I got to know the situation and the financial condition of his family, the moment I decided that we can’t let this opportunity to go just because of money. This boy needed a platform and guidance of all the guru’s. I wants to  see shine and wish him luck for the future.”


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