Life lessons from Princess Yasmine that enlighten the viewers


Buzzing Chandigarh Aug,9: (Poonam) Yasmine (Avneet Kaur), the feisty heroine on Sony SAB’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga has transitioned from a naïve yet brave Princess to an ambitious ‘Sultana’ of Baghdad. All along, she has proved her mettle by not only being a Princess with a heart but a courageous ‘Kaali Chorni’ when her Kingdom needed her. She has dazzled the viewers with her beauty and intellect and while doing so, left a little part of herself in her viewers’ lives. As audiences, we tend to connect with the characters and their characteristics and Yasmine has created quite an impression as she becomes stronger than ever.

As a free-spirited woman of substance, here are some qualities and life lessons that Yasmine has taught us through her journey in the show.

  1. Courage personified

There are plenty of instances where Yasmine stood for what she believed in. Even under the most difficult circumstances, she held onto her courage and fought like a warrior. In life, having the courage to take a stand for yourself and your beliefs is what Yasmine as a character has showed us time and again.

  1. All hail the Queen! She is a born leader

As we speak of courage, Yasmine, right after her father’s assassination, mustered up all her courage to fill her father’s shoes as the ‘Sultana’ of Baghdad and rose as a true leader  showcasing her leadership skills by putting her personal battles aside and rising as a true queen for her people at the time when they needed her the most.

  1. Love and respect for the family

Yasmine, although a mischievous and a rebellious girl, has always had profound love and respect for her family. She has taught us that sometimes we may not get along with our families and their views but Yasmine respected them and found her way around such situations.

  1. Follow your heart

Yasmine, as a character is full of life and has been giving us some major life goals by following her heart in all walks of her life. She chose Aladdin despite him being a commoner and fought for her people by donning the avatar of ‘Kali Chorni’ to help stop crimes in her Kingdom, keeping her identity unknown. She followed her heart and went after what she wanted to achieve in life.

  1. The art of humility

Born as the Princess of Baghdad and now the Queen, Yasmine has portrayed exceptional qualities of a humble and a grounded Queen. From beating all odds and falling in love with a commoner, Aladdin, to protecting the ones in need. She is the perfect blend of humility and valor.


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