Judge Himesh Reshammiya’s fear revealed on the sets of Superstar Singer


Buzzing Chandigarh June 24 (Amit) Mohammed Fazil, a 10 years old boy from Jaipur, Rajasthan came for the auditions of Superstar Singer. He was accompanied by his elder brother and his best friend Sultan (Murga). Mohammed Fazil has 9 brothers and sisters and considers Sultan to be his 10th sibling. The funniest thing is that Fazil doesn’t remember the name of his siblings. Mohammad Fazil found Sultan in his father’s biryani shop and saw a friend in him and brought him home. He shares a great bond with his best friend Sultan (Murga) and treats Sultan as a family member. Sultan wakes him up every day in the morning for his singing practice.During the auditions of Superstar Singer, Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming kids singing reality show, Judge Himesh Reshammiya’s biggest fear was revealed when he was requested for a selfie.  Mohammad Fazil requested Judge Himesh Reshammiya to hold Sultan in his hands but Himesh Reshammiya refused and mentioned that he fears animals. Then, Fazil requested a selfie with his best friend Sultan and Judge Himesh Reshammiya even though he was scared, yet came on stage with anxiety to click a picture with Sultan. After witnessing his performance Judge Javed Ali complemented his confidence and his way of singing the song so brilliantly. Sultan also kissed Captain Salman Ali after Fazil’s performance.

When reached out to Judge Himesh Reshammiya he shares, “I am extremely scared of animals and like to maintain a safe distance from them. When Mohammed Fazil asked me to hold his pet, Sultan in my hands, I was scared and jumped from my seat. It took me a lot of courage to get up from my seat and go on-stage to click a picture with Sultan. Mohammad Fazil is a talented singer and gave an outstanding performance during his audition.”


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