Interview of Mudit Nayar aka Yogi from Ishaaron Ishaaron


Buzzing Chandigarh july 10:(Poonam)

Q1. Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein revolves around a hearing-impaired young boy. What were your first thoughts before you confirmed your part? How did this role come to you and it’s the first time you’re playing a lead, share your thoughts?

The first thought that came to my mind when I was offered the role of Yogi was no matter what happens, I must get this role. It is a fascinating character and indeed a challenging one which was an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss at any cost. The most important part that I liked about the show was that, for the the first time we will be bringing a hearing-impaired character on mainstream Television. I was always looking for a unique character to come across my way, and the Yogi is a perfect fit for the same. The makers found me the ideal for this to play Yogi’s character and finally I got this unique and distinctive role. #IshaaronIshaaronMein is my third association with Sony Entertainment Television and I am looking forward to this wonderful project.   

Q2. How challenging is it for you to play this part considering you won’t have verbal dialogues as everything depends on sign language and gesture?

When I was briefed about the role, I was convinced that I will have to do a lot of homework before I get in front of the camera. Initially, it was quite challenging to fit into the character because I must maintain a balance between how far and technical, I should go with sign language. So, we have been using the Indian Sign language because we want it to be authentic so that not just our audience, but the hearing-impaired community can also relate. We also focus a lot on the gestures that can be used. While I am learning sign language the co-actors will be seen explaining my gestures.

Q3. Can you share details about your character? In the show, you come across as a regular 25-year-old who is loved by the family and others as well. Please elaborate.

My character’s name is Yogi, who lives in Delhi in a big joint family that loves him a lot. He is the most positive person in his locality and a happy-go-lucky soul. Yogi is a fun-loving boy. Though he is hearing impaired, he doesn’t take sympathy for that. He never takes it as a disability but considers himself like any other guy. He is just like any other guy in his early 20s and a number one prankster who spares no one.


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