Buzzing Chandigarh (Poonam) Chandigarh, October 9, : addressing the press at Chandigarh hotel taj Nutritionist Aastha Khungar said, “ three homemakers from the city led the way in showcasing how almonds could be made a part of our daily diets through snacking and festival food preparations.  “For Indian families, food comes first and we don’t usually plan our meals especially during midafternoon or early evening snacking time. Snacking smart with almonds is a great way to lead a healthy lifestyle.Almonds have beenshown to lower total and LDL cholesterol when included in a healthy diet and might help in reducing levels of heart-damaging inflammation.

The interactive afternoon kick started with the three homemakers displaying their culinary skills by demonstrating a recipe each which featured almonds as the hero ingredient in snacking and festive recipes. While the homemakers prepared their dishes, nutritionist Aastha Khungar and chef Ranvijay Singh shared insights into why almonds make for a healthy snack. Nutritionist Aastha Khungar highlighted that “almonds are a powerhouse of 15 nutrients such as vitamin E, magnesium dietary fibre, protein, and more.”

Chef Ranvijay Singh added, “With all of us becoming health conscious, we are always on the lookout for recipes with a healthy twist. Nuts like almonds are a healthy option, are also traditionally considered festive and hence can be used to prepare various snacks that you can serve during festivals. Almonds are easy and quick to flavour and go with just about any masala/spices. Whip up some flavoured almonds to give your family as a healthy and tasty snack, in addition to plain almonds.”The cookout session was followed by the best snacking and festive recipes being awarded with an attractive gift hamper. Eating almonds is great way to stay healthy. But a healthy lifestyle  involves not only  exercising and eating healthy balanced meals, but also smart snacking.


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