Fortis organises Awareness Workshop for the Senior Citizens on World Diabetes Day


Mohali, November 18, : Prevention is the best cure and being aware is the best way to manage any disease if your prevention has failed, said Dr. Sachin Mittal, Senior Consultant Endocrinologist – Fortis Hospital, Mohali in a special workshop for senior citizens organised by Fortis Hospital, Mohali as part of World Diabetes Week awareness campaign.The talk was attended by members of Mohali Senior Citizens Association.Dr. Sachin said, “What makes diabetes lethal is the fact that it is a silent killer. Nearly 72 million people in India had diabetes in 2017 and Numbers are growing rapidly. The main concern area for Diabetic people is the risk for their vital organs like kidney, heart, eyes etc.”He explained, diabetes complications multiply with increase in age and that’s why this special session was organised for elderly to make them aware on how they can live a healthy life by managing their Diabetes. Dr Sachin highlighted the kind of food they should eat and they should avoid. He also stressed on regular check-up, physical activity as per their age, proper medication and lifestyle changes as the best foot forward to manage this disease.

Dr Sachin also busted the myth related to medication during this workshop and he especially talked about safe medicines that not only keep one’s sugar level in control but also save the patient from the risk of hypoglycaemia, a condition when sugar level falls below the normal level and can be dangerous.

It is worth mentioning that every year, November 14 is celebrated as World Diabetes Day because it marks the birthday of the man who co-discovered insulin, Frederick Banting. The theme for diabetes awareness month and World Diabetes Day 2019 is Family and Diabetes.


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