Don’t tease dogs if you want to reduce dog bite cases: Experts


Panchkula / Chandigarh, October 12, : Dog bite cases are on the rise in the tricity. The victims are often children and elderly people. Experts are of the opinion that such incidents are increasing due to lack of awareness among people and harassment of dogs. Lack of food and water resources, along with indifference of citizens is another major reason. Speaking on the issue, Mr Divya Dahiya, a dog behavior expert and certified dog trainer from Panchkula, said, ‘No dog starts the day thinking whom he will bite today. On being provoked or disturbed by some mindless person or in self defense, he may be forced to bite. However, a sick dog, like the recent Nada village incident, can bite anyone without provocation. Such dogs need to be identified and treated.’

If an unknown dog seems angry, do not make an eye contact with him, do not bow down in front of him, and also do not try to touch him. Just keep away from him. Similarly, when a pet dog comes near you, stay calm and let him sniff you. Give him few moments to know you well. During this time do not touch him, nor try to be friendly. After a few seconds, he himself will sit satisfied or go away.

Mr Dahiya believes that awareness is important. Explain to kids the importance of living in harmony with animals. Do not scare children, but make them aware. If you keep on saying that dogs may bite, the kids will scream or run away seeing a dog, which is a danger sign for the dog and he can be aggressive. Adults afraid of dogs also show strange behaviour, and then blame the dog. Reacting to unusual behaviour is a dog’s birthright.

If a dog wags the tail, it does not mean that he is friendly. If his whole body moves with the tail, only then he is friendly. If the body is stiff and just the tail is wagging, and he is not looking at you, then assume that the dog is angry. It is good to stay away from him. Do not hurt a dog with stones or stick under any circumstances. This is the stupidity most people do, which is why dog bite cases are increasing. Bullying makes the dog aggressive. Treat him with love. Dogs are very friendly. Only the man has become selfish and cruel.

* Mr Divya Dahiya, Dog Behaviourist & Certified Trainer, lives in Panchkula and is associated with the Furever Friends Animal Rescue Organisation. For more information, you may contact him at: 94168-02382.


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