A soulful performance by Punjabi Sufi singers Ali Brothers


Mohali, January 14, : Lohri, a festival of good tidings and merrymaking, offers an opportunity to revel in the spirit of togetherness and celebrate. Making the most of this festive occasion, VR Punjab, the region’s most happening destination for shopping and fun, is celebrating Lohri in true Punjabi spirit with the four-day ‘Lohri Shagna Di’ festival from January 10 to 13.

 Lohri Shagna Di will conclude on a high note on Monday Jan 13 evening with a lively performance by celebrity Punjabi Sufi singers Ali Brothers in the Amphitheatre. So, be sure to be swept off your feet as Ali Brothers take centre stage with their exhilarating and soulful renditions.

 In what comes as icing on the cake, Lohri Shagna Di at VR Punjab also offers a chance to experience the traditional gaiety associated with Lohri with activities like gidhha, bhangra and boliyan around a Grand Lohri bonfire.


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